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When people try to understand tattooing, they might get a bit confused if they did not combine art history and the general history of different cultures when they were doing research. Because as we get more in-depth, we will start to aware of the various roles that tattooing had played in history, whether as a scary subculture or the mainstream custom of some ethnic societies.

If we say that tattooing is painting and writing on the skin, a particular media apart from paper. Would you start to realize the importance of questioning the initial drive of drawing and writing? What made our ancestors scattered around the world to develop the craft of injecting colour into punctured skin? Either it is about identification or memorization, it seems that body decoration has always been a pleasant side effect of tattooing, no matter how many different understandings that tattooing has been attached in modern civilization.

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Image by: Parkinson, Sydney, 1745-1771; Chambers, Thomas, 1724?-1789


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